Christian Czadilek

I’m a 28-year old full-time videographer, based in Graz, Austria.
My style is fresh, wild and full of emotions. I am very blessed to be able to travel the world doing what I like best: capturing beautiful moments.
I am specialized in travel, lifestyle and adventure clips.

I dream for a living and filming is dreaming – steven spielberg

If I am not writing essays about myself, I enjoy skiing, windsurfing and good food.

Current offer: Get an Instagram clip for free with every new project!

selected clients

JBL | Neuroth | Red Bull | KTM Pro Team | Flachau Tourismus | Davosa | Blackroll | JAKLAR Positive Vibes | Markus Pekoll (Bike) | Fanatic | Duotone

Before any project I like meeting you in person or through a phone call to discuss the look and style you are visualizing.

Feuerbachgasse 25
8010 Graz

Phone: +43 664 53 43 200